“With the eye of a geographer I fully investigate the area.This research is the starting point to depict the space and create my photo artwork”

Villa Curaçao

Depict the landscape of Curaçao in the characteristic Ellen de Vries way. Fine art photography exhibited at the villa on Curaçao.

Akzo Nobel

Search for photos, in your own collection, that fit the stated themes, keywords and colors. For the publication “The colour envelope”, AkzoNobel Aestetic Center.

Province of North Holland

Visualise the various wetlands in the province of North Holland, for publicaions.

Water Control Board, Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier

Visualise the protective measures to prevent flooding; such as dams, pumping stations, and water storage areas.

For publication and art cards.

Municipality Heiloo

Visualize the spatial qualities of the municipality Heiloo. The photos are an inspiration for future vision. For publications and an exhibition.

Coral lodge Mozambique

Photograph the lodges and surroundings of the Cabaceiras in a non-traditional way, for publications and the website.

Stredge, brand introductions

Search for photos, in your own collection, that fit the reputation of the costumer. For the website.

Foundation Solstice

Take photos for the theme “Ode to the sun”. For jubilee edition.

Council Haarlem

The Schalkwijk district in Haarlem has the image of flats and stone. Yet there is plenty of greenery and nature around the neighbourhood. Highlights the green, natural side of the neighbourhood.

Used for policy documents, publications, etc.

Architecture Centre Haarlem

Photo project: Green roofs. Every new building, means an extraction of the earth and a petrification of the earth’s surface. Rooftop vegetation offers solutions for problems caused by urban development.

Art project, Displaced

Carelessly abandoned in the landscape. Standing in places where they do not belong. This creates an alienating surreal atmosphere. Over the years, I have captured these displaced containers.

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

Economic developments will have an impact on the authentic fishing villages of Mozambique. I photographed the current situation that soon will be history. The purity of the villagers and their way of life touched me deeply.